Diageo TMP

Diageo PLC is a leading importer and manufacturer of beer, wine and spirits with powerhouse brands like Guinness, Dom Perion,  and Captain Morgan.  As the global organization, Diageo often finds its business information is fragmented across several systems and not easily referenced when needed.  Some of its practices include physically cutting and pasting creative into three-ring binders. 

Stream Companies, a reseller of FusionDox, has been working with Diageo for over a year changing how they catalogue, access, and process their mission critical trade information.  “Utilizing the FusionDox platform Diageo built a web-based application that offers flexibility to cull information for disparate sources and present it to different silos within the Diageo organization.” says Jason Brennan, Partner at Stream Companies.

“More and more we are finding a need to provide robust interfaces for business applications.  FusionDox has so many out-of-the-box features that allow quick development times, but at the same time does not limit our creativity to find novel solution every day.” Brennan added.

Project case study to come.