eAuditRx, LLC is a start-up company offering online CFO, Accounting and Bookkeeping services for to the SME (Small Medium Enterprise). Small businesses that either do not have the time or in-house resources for bookkeeping, accounting and tax work, can sign up for eAuditRx, and electronically submit their bills, bank statements, and other source documents through a secure online portal, where the documents are accessible via keyword search. Accounting professionals at eAuditRx then read the uploaded documents update the accounting files, prepare conciliations, initiate electronic bill-pay, prepare tax filings and provide key financial metrics to the business owner.

eAuditRx needed a secure web-platform on which to build out a world class online CFO, accounting, and bookkeeping company. Of the all the vendors who submitted proposals, Fusion Dox was the only company to provide a complete web-based solution. Other vendors including Microsoft Share Point, Alfesco Enterprise, and Cabinet NG were unable to provide a solution with the desired flexibility, scalability and integration that suited eAuditRx and its clientele. In addition, the other vendors required an investment of substantial internal infrastructure.

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