Product Features


Automatic Revision Control
Full Text Indexing for Search
Secure large File Accessibility (Upload, Download, Transfer)
Check-In and Check-Out Library Services
Document Lifecycle Logging and Auditing
Business Reporting
Workflow design tools
Analytics and Dashboards
Project Workspace Groups & Discussions
API & Development Tools
FusionForms (Business Form Design and Processing)
Programmatic Workflow Development
Publishing (can be automated via workflow)
Calendar Events & Task Management
PDF Preview and server-side document format conversions
FusionDox Authoring System
UTF-8 Compliant
Enterprise Deployable
Fully extendable using Java, AJAX (Javascript), CFML and SOAP web services


At the core of all our products is our patent-pending FusionDox Authoring System.  It’s seamless integration with native applications (such as Microsoft Office,, WordPerfect, AutoCad, Photoshop and others) creates a straight forward methodology for users to quickly create and modify documents directly through their web browser. Users never have to pick a location to save files, or hope that they are modifying or e-mailing the correct version of a document. It works with large files (up to gigabytes in size), and ensures that your documents are transferred reliably and securely between users’ web browser and your storage repository. Compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Editing A Microsoft Word Document Using the FusionDox Authoring System